Foundation Morgan Horse Breeders

What is a Foundation Morgan Horse?       

  • The sire line must trace to Justin Morgan (very top line of pedigree)
  • The horse may not have any saddlebred outcrosses after 1930*
  • Offspring are categorized as 'Foundation' as long as both parents qualify

If a horse has any of these names in their extended pedigree they are ineligible for Foundation status: Upwey King Peavine , Admiral Denmark, Forest Whirlwind


*No saddlebred outcrosses after 1930 means no horse foaled after 1930 with a saddlebred parent. Offspring of Ladelle are exempt from this requirement as she had foals both before and after 1930.


The term Foundation Morgan is used only to refer to 100% Foundation Morgans. Morgans with 1 or more outcrosses may qualify as high percent foundation Morgans, and are referred to as HPF. 



Why is important to save the Foundation Morgan Horse?

For more than 200 years the breeders of Morgan horses have sought to bring forward in their offspring the best qualities the breed has to offer. Each of those that have come before us had to make tough decisions. Which horses will be bred? What qualities are most important? Often the disciple or purpose the horses were to be used for was driving decisions.  Breeders of Foundation Morgans have had one purpose in mind when choosing their breeding pairs, and that was to preserve the qualities that made Morgans so desirable since the horse Figure first left his mark on America.  It is the qualities of Morgan type and conformation, willingness, endurance, athleticism and heart that endured generations. It is these qualities that give substance, soundness, and mind to today's Morgans.  

It is more important than ever to direct our efforts at saving the Foundation Morgan. Traditional Morgans, as they are called by the Livestock Conservancy are on the critically endangered list. We dont know how many are really still living and able to breed on. It is the concern of many that we will see the extinction of the Traditional Morgan if concerted efforts are not enacted soon.




Historical Foundation Morgans

Mission Statement


We are a small group of Morgan horse breeders who share an intense desire to assist in the preservation in numbers and quality of the Foundation Morgan horses.  We have chosen to do this through increased awareness and education.  We recognize that as time passes, our access to the combined wisdom of the breeders who have preceded us may be lost, while the desire to breed these amazing animals is just as strong.  Therefore we have focused our resources on the following areas:

1.       Foundation Morgan horse definition—to provide a clear understanding of the definition and the research that supports its ongoing use.

2.       Morgan Type—to clarify what is true Morgan type. Provide photographic  examples so everyone can learn to see the important attributes of conformation that sets the Foundation Morgan apart.

3.       Preservation of Foundation Morgan history—By publishing historical facts and photographs we hope to provide examples of Foundation Morgans and breeding programs that can be aspired to and emulated. We also can showcase the versatility of the Morgan horse through the breed’s outstanding individuals.

4.       Encourage breeding practices that overtime will increase the number of 100% foundation Morgans.  Also encourage the high percent foundation horses  to work toward an increase in the percentage of foundation Morgan in the offspring.

5.       Assist breeders in developing their programs while assisting buyers to be informed consumers. By assisting in the marketing and exposure of Foundation Morgans we hope to increase the demand and therefore the viability of the breed

Morgan Confirmation